• Our Services include;
    • Content Syndication and Distribution
    • Brand Development
    • Advertising
    • Radio/ TV Production
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Sales Promotion
    • Marketing Communication
    • Direct Marketing
    • Production & Post-Production

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[accordion title=”Advertising…” icon=”fa-icon-edit” ]We offer full service television & Radio commercial production, Product brand marketing, Road show, TV Advert and Documentary, etc. We learn about your business or Product and create a TV commercial to deliver your message in a powerful 30-45 seconds spot.  We always recommend the best combination of networks to air your commercial based on your target.

When you deal direct with us , you get a direct attention and answer to your question one on one, The reason companies prefer to use our ad agency as their media buying service is that we offer an unbiased opinion as to where and where to place their advert,  Wouldn’t you rather deal with a company that will give your business almost 100% attention?

[accordion title=”Events…” icon=”fa-icon-edit” ]This features a full service event planning and production team, that is there for all corporate promotions, launches, parties, meetings and conferences. These may serve as vital resources and marketing strategies for a complete campaign.

  • Brand Activation
  • Musical Shows
  • Street storm
  • Others

[accordion title=”Production…” icon=”fa-icon-edit” ]We have a full¬ blown production studio and editing suite to take care of all-your events coverage. Our wide-ranging suite includes the provision of

  • Photography, Video, Audio
  • Hiring of Production & Sound Equipments
  • Studio Recordings
  • Radio Jingles and Voice over
  • Design and Duplication of CDs

[accordion title=”Client Value Creation…” icon=”fa-icon-edit” ]Building successful Brands and improving our clients’ business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence.